Antidote--Old-Town-Spring-Ride-61-SROldTownSpringStarting from Antidote on Studewood and 8th Street in the Heights with a 7:30 rollout. This ride begins by heading northwest up through the Heights and Champions Forest. About halfway through the ride we'll stop in Old Town Spring at the Shipley's Donuts for a short break. In addition to donuts and kolaches, they also have plenty of Gatorade, energy drinks, juice and coffee. (There is a Valero across the street if donuts aren't your thing). Once we saddle up we'll roll down the main drag to see OTS in all its gaudy glory. From there we'll continue south on Aldine Westfield, past the airport and cut over to Homestead and Hirsch Roads back down to the Heights.
If you're biking over to Antidote...
Sometime there's a lot of us and our group can take up half the parking lot, so in order not to scare away the people in their cars, we're going to meet along the fence where they'll set up cones to reserve an area for us. So if you ride over, congregate at the end of the parking lot near the fence (Antidote only has six parking spaces). Don't worry. I'll be there to gently remind you if you forget.

We intended for people to ride over to the ride start but as big as Houston is, that just isn't practical for everyone. So if you drive over, please park on the residential side streets. We want to be good neighbors and not tie up their parking lot while we're gone for three and a half hours.

Expect a pace around 23 mph with occasional surges up to 27 mph. We try to keep the group together as best we can. If a large break in the group occurs, we'll either slow down or pick a place to regroup. Maps will be provided at the ride start. If you are uncertain whether you can keep up with the group, please take a map or see
Chris Lockwood before the ride so you won't get dropped.dottedHR