Saturday Ride is an informal, Houston-based group of cyclists who like to get together to do in-town and out-of-town bike rides. Rides are posted usually here Wednesday or Thursday prior to the ride. If you would like to join us, please read the guidelines beforehand. If you have specific questions about our rides, please send us and email.

A majority of our rides start near downtown where most of us can easily ride over to the start. Sometimes we’ll drive out to places like Cold Spring, Brenham, or Chappell Hill where the roads are dramatically different. From time to time we’ll coordinate special rides that go to other towns for weekend trips.

Our rides are the combined effort of several individuals who are adept at finding interesting routes and destinations. A lot of collaboration goes into some of these rides so they are always evolving. Houston covers 650 square miles, and most of our rides go way beyond the city limits. Most rides are between 50 and 100 miles long and last from 3 to 6 hours depending on distance and the size of the group that shows up.
This video was shot with a little Sony digital camera by Chris while riding. Music by Devo.